How Universities Can Communicate to Set Vaccine Requirement to Students

The onset of the current coronavirus pandemic changed every norm we were accustomed to. Currently, there is an ongoing debate regarding whether it is safe to allow students back to school or not. While a vaccine exists, there are doubts about the vaccine, and taking it is optional. Nonetheless, universities are strongly encouraging students to get vaccinated. With so much uncertainty surrounding educational institutions, below is what we can do to educate students more about the vaccine:

1. Overcome vaccine hesitance

Some people are hesitant about getting the vaccine and spreading unbacked adverse effects of the vaccine. As a result, young people are caught in the middle of the health sector advocating for vaccine administration and politics questioning the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Thus, an education campaign on COVID-19 will help address the myths of vaccine hesitance and put an end to it. In addition, universities can educate their students through social media, student leaders, and school blogs on the importance of getting the vaccine.

2. Team up with students and give them hope

Of course, we all cant wait for the pandemic to be over, and our lives resume to normal. After all, who wants any more months of quarantine and lockdowns? Therefore, universities can reach out to student leaders so they can identify and empathize with them.

University marketing can use emotional appeal to urge students to be patient and remain united during these challenging times. As a result, young people tend to be more responsive to idealism and the overall public good.

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