Programmatic display advertising is a balance of bidding and real-time data that ensures you get high results.

Introduction to Programmatic Display

Programmatic display refers to an automated type of purchasing display inventory. It does away with manual work, thereby making it possible to spend more time analyzing and strategizing optimizations.

The analysis and optimizations use Real-Time Bidding to take it up a notch. Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is bidding based on individual impressions based on value. Thus, you choose the amount to pay to a particular audience through ads and how frequently the ads appear.

How it Works

  • Arrive – When a visitor visits your website, the programmatic process is triggered in milliseconds.
  • Send – As soon as the visitor lands on the site, the ad dimensions are relayed.
  • Read – The algorithm learns about the visitor based on browsing behavior, indicated age, etc.
  • Evaluate – It indicates the worth of the user’s impression.
  • Bid – Once a value is assigned for the visitor, the information is forwarded to the SSP.
  • Choose – After the bid is relayed to the SSP, it’s evaluated among other bids, and the winner will be decided.
  • Deliver – Once the winner had been decided, the SSP delivers the advertisement.

Overall, the entire process happens in real-time and takes milliseconds.

Custom Audience Targeting

It is essential to segment your traffic to increase the relevance of your advertisement. Once you identify a segment, we can craft the right message that identifies with them.

Cross Channel Marketing

Your target audience probably has numerous social media channels where they are present throughout the day. We undertake the responsibility to ensure your audience remains engaged with your brand, regardless of what channels they spend their time on.