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What Attracts Millennials to Brands? Proven Strategies

But want to know a simple secret about millennials? They are not that hard to figure out. As a company, you have to figure out millennials spending habits and marketing strategies that will grip their attention.
That’s to win them over.
Generation Y knows what they like; if you can deliver that, they reward you with likes, follows, and dollars. The key is to stop trying so hard. Don’t overproduce your social media or come off as inauthentic. In fact, traditional marketing doesn’t always work on them, unlike previous generations.
They are …

Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Blog

Using social networking platforms is now the biggest way to draw audiences to blogs. Social media platforms have a massive user base that is primed to help you promote your content if they like it. Here are the top 5 social media sites with a massive audience you can promote your blog on.
Regardless of the kind of blog you own, whether fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, or CBD blog, you can always share them with your friends and the public on Facebook. Facebook is invariably known as the most popular social networking site in the world.
You can create …

E-Cigarette Use

Marketing Approaches That Draw the Youth Towards E-Cigarette Use

Tobacco is a multi-billion industry that has raked in many profits, thanks to its persuasive marketing strategies that entice people to use cigarettes. In fact, more and more young people have started smoking due to the convincing nature of their marketing language.
Moreover, the industry is launching new products, such as e-cigarettes, and they’re paying hefty prices for their advertisements to maintain their position at the top.
Here are the various tactics Recommended by someexperts that tobacco marketing companies use that can convince the youth to start vaping…

Top 3 Effective Ways To Liven Up Your Campus Stories

Higher education institutions are becoming more competitive now that most searches are done online. Therefore, campuses have to be more market aggressive to win more students and ensure the enrollment numbers keep rising.
As other institutions try to hand out brochures and showcase beautiful institution pictures, you can take a different path. For example, you can try engaging your audience at a human level. You can use stories to be authentic, sincere, and show your human side through storytelling.
Here are three ways to liven up your stories to make them more appealing:
1. Hone your storytelling skills…

How to Engage Patients Using a Funnel Facebook Advertisement Strategy

Facebook is a popularly used social media platform with billions of active users every day. So, when we recommend using Facebook for your marketing, we know the power it brings to the table. A significant advantage of using a funnel Facebook marketing strategy is getting the chance to engage a specific audience that is likely to convert. After all, marketing is all about timing and relevance. Showing the right people the right message quickly is all you need to get more conversions.
However, to craft the right message, you need to …

Top 3 Dental Marketing Trends in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic brought about changes in the entire health industry, including the dental sector. In addition, the rise in economic instability, uncertainty, and political vitality has immensely affected the dental health industry.
Dental services require a one-on-one contact for the provision of healthcare. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has brought about the fear of personal contact, and safety remains a concern for everyone.
Luckily, as months go by in 2021, we are slowly but carefully adjusting back to normal. Here are some trends in dental marketing that we should watch out for;
1. Pent up …

How Universities Can Communicate to Set Vaccine Requirement to Students

The onset of the current coronavirus pandemic changed every norm we were accustomed to. Currently, there is an ongoing debate regarding whether it is safe to allow students back to school or not. While a vaccine exists, there are doubts about the vaccine, and taking it is optional. Nonetheless, universities are strongly encouraging students to get vaccinated. With so much uncertainty surrounding educational institutions, below is what we can do to educate students more about the vaccine:
1. Overcome vaccine hesitance
Some people are hesitant about getting the vaccine and spreading unbacked adverse effects …