E-Cigarette Use

Marketing Approaches That Draw the Youth Towards E-Cigarette Use

Tobacco is a multi-billion industry that has raked in many profits, thanks to its persuasive marketing strategies that entice people to use cigarettes. In fact, more and more young people have started smoking due to the convincing nature of their marketing language.

Moreover, the industry is launching new products, such as e-cigarettes, and they’re paying hefty prices for their advertisements to maintain their position at the top.

Here are the various tactics Recommended by someexperts that tobacco marketing companies use that can convince the youth to start vaping.

Introducing Low-Risk But Still Acceptable Smoke-Free Products

Tobacco companies are now using e-cigarettes to promote low-risk awareness. These companies aim to normalize vaping as a form of proper tobacco use because it has fewer risks than smoking with a traditional cigarette.

In fact, e-cigarettes have been advertised as a healthier alternative with claims that they don’t have long-term effects like other nicotine products. As a result, children and adolescents might think they’re safe to consume since they’re not like regular cigarettes.

Sponsorships Schemes

Various forms of tobacco sponsorships have also been used in school-related camps and programs. In fact, e-cigarette companies have sponsored student camps that could send the wrong message to young children.

For example, students have been offered scholarships by e-cigarette companies wherein they are required to submit essays about how e-cigarettes can be potentially beneficial to users.

Although these companies claim that their products are more geared towards adult consumers who want to stop smoking, this can send the message to the youth that e-cigarettes aren’t as harmful as traditional cigarettes.

Using the Influence of Celebrities

E-cigarette companies have also used the power of social media to advertise their products, with some ads displaying celebrities vaping during social events and tagged with a feel-good tag.

The prevalence of social media use among the youth has made these ads more accessible and visible to them.

Moreover, many of these celebrities, such as musicians and actors, are idolized by the youth, with some striving to emulate their favorite star. Because of this, some young people are more inclined to start using e-cigarettes because of their desire to be just like their idols.

Launching Pleasant Flavors

Nowadays, e-cigarette companies are launching more and more flavors for their products, with most of them having a more pleasant taste than traditional cigarettes.

Some of them even taste like candy, which makes them more likely to enjoy the taste of e-cigarettes. Moreover, these are presented in attractive packaging that can catch the attention of younger people.

In fact, many of these young individuals state that the appealing flavor of e-cigarette juices is one of the primary reasons they started using them.

Bottom Line

E-cigarette companies keep on innovating new ways of driving the sales of their products. They use persuasive marketing strategies that can entice potential customers into trying their e-cigarettes.

However, these advertisements reach not just the adults but also the youth who might be more inclined to try their products out. Therefore, if no regulations are enforced for ads, the chances of more young people trying vaping can increase.


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