Top 3 Effective Ways To Liven Up Your Campus Stories

Higher education institutions are becoming more competitive now that most searches are done online. Therefore, campuses have to be more market aggressive to win more students and ensure the enrollment numbers keep rising.

As other institutions try to hand out brochures and showcase beautiful institution pictures, you can take a different path. For example, you can try engaging your audience at a human level. You can use stories to be authentic, sincere, and show your human side through storytelling.

Here are three ways to liven up your stories to make them more appealing:

1. Hone your storytelling skills

Have a story structure that starts with giving some spoilers but holding back the finer details to keep your listener intrigued.

Then, keep giving details and explaining their significance and relevance to the audience and ensure they remain eager to listen to the end.

2. Make use of audiovisuals

Videos have become a preferred form of web content by many. You can leverage this and use it to your advantage.

For example, you can share videos of the student’s testimonies, alumni recordings, random interviews with the school’s campus staff, or school tours.

3. Let the students share their thoughts

A student looking to join your institution will trust the word of a student more than yous. So, how about you let students share their experiences and stories about the school?

Unfortunately, most schools don’t use a personal touch in their marketing strategies. However, by employing this strategy and the three tips mentioned above, you will see more enrollments.

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