Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Blog

Using social networking platforms is now the biggest way to draw audiences to blogs. Social media platforms have a massive user base that is primed to help you promote your content if they like it. Here are the top 5 social media sites with a massive audience you can promote your blog on.


Regardless of the kind of blog you own, whether fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, or CBD blog, you can always share them with your friends and the public on Facebook. Facebook is invariably known as the most popular social networking site in the world.

You can create Facebook ads or share your link, interesting facts, images, and videos from your blog that will attract people’s attention. Aside from that, Facebook comes with a share button that allows your mutuals to share your blog posts and links and bring in more visitors.


With the right hashtag and engagement, anything can go viral in minutes. Using personalized hashtags that are in line with your blog content helps you attract the specific audience you need for your blog. You can share promotional blog posts using the 280-character text box and your personalized hashtags.

There’s also the option of sharing quotes from your blog, images, videos, and links. Besides, you can pin your blog link to your Twitter profile, so that it is the first thing your followers see.


When you want to attract more visitors to your blog using beautiful aesthetics, think of Instagram! Using high-quality images and content, you can attract millions of users who are active on Instagram. Creating appealing visuals is one of the biggest ways of attracting the attention of people to your blog. You can also promote your blog via blog posts and put up the link on your bio.

You can also use hashtags on Instagram to attract a target audience with that unique tag. Using hashtags is a great way of drawing attention to your posts. With the share button, your followers can also share your blog posts to their stories, groups, and friends. Instagram also lets you tag as many people as you want, increasing your post’s visibility.


Unlike other social networking sites that are mainly for recreational uses, LinkedIn is specifically for businesses. Promoting your blog on LinkedIn allows the right companies and individuals to visit your blog, especially if your blog content is business-oriented.

Just like other social platforms, you can share your blog links, information, videos, and images with a wide audience. They in turn can visit your blog, drop comments and share your LinkedIn posts.


Just like Instagram, Pinterest is the home of overwhelmingly pleasing visuals. You can share your blog posts, links, images, and videos to create promotions. Pinterest is unique in the sense that it is highly decluttered, and not chaotic. Bloggers with food, travel, lifestyle, CBD, fashion and any other blogs that deal with aesthetics can use Pinterest to promote their blog.

Pinterest allows you to create and post your content on your profile, and visitors can come across it on their dashboards. It is the perfect social media site where bloggers can promote their content and also gain inspiration from other bloggers.

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