How to Engage Patients Using a Funnel Facebook Advertisement Strategy

Facebook is a popularly used social media platform with billions of active users every day. So, when we recommend using Facebook for your marketing, we know the power it brings to the table. A significant advantage of using a funnel Facebook marketing strategy is getting the chance to engage a specific audience that is likely to convert. After all, marketing is all about timing and relevance. Showing the right people the right message quickly is all you need to get more conversions.

However, to craft the right message, you need to understand your patients on a deep level. For example, understanding their healthcare needs, their way of seeking solutions, and how they filter out service providers can help you create the right message.

To engage your patients in the advertisement, you need to understand these stages of patients:

  • Problem Aware – They are aware they have a health problem, and they need more information about their prevailing condition.
  • Solution Aware – They are now actively seeking a range of solutions to their condition. Target them with ads on how your treatment works and what it entails.
  • Product Aware – They need to understand how your product is different from other products on the market.
  • Most Aware – They now know your brand and trust it. So, the next step is to make them an irresistible offer they can’t walk away from.

Understanding the above aspects of the patient stages will help you come up with an effective advertisement strategy.

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